I am interested in plant-pollinator interactions, pollination services and crop diversification practices, specifically on their benefit for biodiversity promotion and regarding yield stability under different environmental conditions.
My current research focuses on effects of climate change on flower traits and plant-pollinator interactions. Within the DFG-funded project InterDrop I will study the interactive effects between drought stress and insect pollination on faba beans. Moreover, the potential of legume-cereal intercropping in mitigating negative drought impacts on legume plant traits associated with pollinator attraction will be investigated. I intend to gain insights into how climate change and insect pollination interact in shaping yields in different cropping systems. The findings of the project will help to develop novel cropping practices that promote biodiversity and strengthen resilience to climate change.
My previous research focused on the effect of faba bean cultivation within diversified crop rotations on pollinators and pollination services. This work was conducted in the framework of my PhD in Göttingen. During 2022, I assessed the effect of biodiversity measures on pollinators at the Thünen Institute of Biodiversity in Braunschweig. Since January 2023, I am a Postdoc at the Functional Agrobiodiversity group.