Join our discussion on molecular genetics in Zoology!

Next summer school planned for September/October 2025
With modern molecular methods, many organisms have become amenable to functional genetics: Next generation sequencing reveals genome sequences and expression profiles with high precision, knock-down of transcripts by RNA interference (RNAi) allows for studying gene function, with genome editing tools the genome can be modified with precision, and gene activity can be visualized by in situ hybridization.
Together, these techniques have opened a plethora of zoological questions for studies at the genetic level. The Göttingen SPIRIT summer school aims to foster this field and the use of these tools in both established and non-conventional animal models.

You can join either the symposium alone or both summer school and symposium.

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Göttingen Symposium “Frontiers in Molecular Zoology” (PIs, postdocs and PhD)

In this 2-day symposium, we want to bring together international scientists working on understanding the function of genes underlying all kinds of zoological phenomena. Some contributed talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts.

Göttingen SPIRIT Summer School “Molecular Genetics in Zoology” (for PhD and postdocs)

We offer a 3-day hands on training on these methods preceding the symposium. We will discuss the application of these tools to your particular projects. The aim is that you leave Göttingen with an enhanced working plan for your project. The summer school is restricted to 20 PhD students or postdocs.

Application and Registration:

Summer School incl. Symposium:

tba (=to be announced)
Symposium Only:

Registration fees (includes coffee breaks and social events)
- Symposium: 50€
- Summer School (including Symposium): 80€

Summer School & Symposium
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For the participants of the summer school, we have booked an on-demand allotment for 5 nights at B&B Hotel Göttingen City

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Following options are available:

Double room (with 2 separate beds): 96,00€ per room per night.
Single room: 87,60€ per room per night.

The prices do not include breakfast, which can be booked additionally for €10.50 per night and person.

Most of the rooms we pre-booked are double rooms with separate beds, so if you would like to book a double room to share it with another participant, we can help you find a suitable “room partner”.

If you wish to use any of the above-mentioned options and book a room, please get in touch with the hotel, mentioning the following keyword: "Evolutionäre Entwicklungsgenetik".

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