Christine Harnischmacher

Research Fields and Interests

  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Grid
  • Green IS

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Experience

  • Since 04/2019 Doctorate in Information Systems, University of Goettingen, Germany
  • 10/2014 - 05/2017 Master of Science in Business Administration Finance, University of Cologne, Germany
  • 10/2011 - 06/2014 Bachelor of Science in International Management, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany

Work Experience

  • Since 04/2019 Research Associate, Smart Mobility Research Group, University of Goettingen, Germany
  • 01/2018 - 03/2019 Consultant, SOPTIM AG, Aachen, Germany
  • 10/2014 - 03/2017 Working Student, Governance & Assurance, KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Cologne, Germany



  • Greve, M.; Gantner, M.; Harnischmacher, C.; Brendel, A.B.; Kolbe, L.M. (2021): Framing Research Questions Intersecting Information Systems and Health: A New Research Perspective at Micro- and Macro-Level, Proceedings of Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2021 , pp. 1-10. (forthcoming) [VHB: C]
  • Harnischmacher, C.; Greve, M.; Brendel, A.B.; Wulff, B.; Kolbe, L.M. (2021): A Smart Grid in Container Terminals: Cost Drivers for Using the Energy Storage of Electric Transport Vehicles for Grid Stability, in: Lind, M.; Michaelides, M.; Ward, R.; Watson R.Th. (Eds.), Maritime Informatics, Springer, 2021, pp. 205-219.

  • 2020

    • Harnischmacher, C.; Greve, M.; Willnat, M.; Kolbe, L.M. (2020): Secondary Use of a Smart Electric Container Terminal: Scenario Analysis on relevant Cost Drivers, Proceedings of the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Salt Lake City, United States. [VHB 3: D]
    • Herrenkind, B.; Harnischmacher, C.; Willnat, M.; Lembcke, T.B.; Villbrandt, Y. (2020): Digital Shared Mobility Services - A Literature Analysis and Avenues for IS-Related Future Research, Proceedings of the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Salt Lake City, United States. [VHB 3: D]
    • Harnischmacher, C.; Herrenkind, B.; Weilbier, L. (2020): Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow - Perspectives on Green Information Systems Research Streams, Proceedings of European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Marrakech, Morocco. [VHB 3: B]
    • Masuch, K.; Harnischmacher, C.; Greve, M.; Trang, S. (2020): Why Electrify? – A Qualitative-Empirical Study on Electrification of Fleet Transportation Systems, Research in Progress, Proceedings of European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Marrakech, Morocco. [VHB 3: B]
    • Holly, S; Nieße, A.; Tröschel, M.; Hammer, L.; Franzius, C.; Dmitriyev, V.; Dorfner, J.; Veith, E.; Harnischmacher, C.; Greve,M.; Masuch, K.; Kolbe, L.; Wulff, B.; Kretz, J. (2020): Flexibility management and provision of balancing services with battery-electric automated guided vehicles in the Hamburg container terminal Altenwerder, Proceedings of the 9th DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics, Energy Inform 3, 26. pp. 1-20.


    • Greve, M.; Harnischmacher, C.; Lichtenberg, S.; Kolbe, L.M. (2019): Smart Grid in Container Terminals – Systematization of Cost Drivers for Using Battery Capacities of Electric Transport Vehicles for Grid Stability, Proceedings of Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Mexico. [VHB 3: D]


    • Geilert, C.; Harnischmacher, C. (2016): Die Rolle der zentralen und dezentralen Compliance Officer in der Überwachung in Das wirksame Compliance Management, 2nd Edition, January 6th 2016, KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, ISBN-13: 978-3482648526


    Topics for Bachelor and Master thesis

    An overview of current topics can be found here.

    Application: If you are interested in writing your thesis about any topic relating to my research, please contact me via e-mail. Please also send me your CV and grade sheet from FlexNow (simple printout) in order to better match the precise topic to your area of interest.