Natalia Schröder / Technical Staff

(works 80%, project funded)

  • Analysis of total C and N concentrations in soil and plant samples, using CN analyzer (Elementar Vario EL; Elementar Analysis Systems GmbH, Hanau, Germany)

  • Soil processing for effective cation exchange capacity of mineral soils by NH4Cl percolation

  • Soil processing for total element concentrations of soil organic layer and plant samples by HNO3 pressure digestion

  • Oxalate extractions of mineral soils for active Si, Al and Fe (e.g. non-crystalline minerals, poorly crystalline oxides, interlayer and exchangeable Al or Fe, and partly organically-bound Al or Fe)

  • Pyrophosphate extractions of mineral soils for organically-bound Al and Fe

  • Analysis and calculations of element concentrations in soil extracts (e.g. effective cation exchange capacity, oxalate extracts for active Al/Fe, pyrophosphate extracts for organically-bound Al/Fe), in soil organic layer and plant samples (e.g. extracts from HNO3 pressure digestion) and in water samples, using inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometer (iCAP PRO XP Duo ICP-OES Spectrometer, Thermo Fischer Scientific GmbH, Dreieich, Germany)

  • Analysis and calculations of N concentrations of different N pools in soil extracts and water samples, using continuous flow injection colorimetry (SEAL Analytical AA3, SEAL Analytical GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany)