I will offer the following course in the winter term 2020/21:

The Economics of European Integration

  • Elective Master's course: M.WIWI-VWL.0169
  • Lecture with tutorial, 6 C
  • Start: November 2, 2020
  • Language: English
  • Lecturer: Prof Dr Florian Unger
  • Note that the entire course will be offered online. Please go to StudIP for more information.

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Courses of upcoming semesters

  • Summer term 2021: Firms and Workers in International Markets (Bachelor Module B.WIWI-VWL.0081, 6 C, Lecture with tutorial)
  • Winter term 2021/22: The Economics of European Integration (Master Module M.WIWI-VWL.0169, 6 C, Lecture with tutorial)

Supervised final theses 2020

  • "The impact of the Brexit referenduum on the economic performance of British industries" (Master)
  • "New Trade Theory: Implications for welfare and distribution" (Bachelor)
  • "Reasons and consequences of trade conflicts in the 21st century: analysis based on the case USA vs. China" (Master, in German)