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VWL in Aktion * xx xxx
Model European Union** xx
The Economics of European Integration x x
* Organization of the lecture series "VWL in Aktion" by Junior Professorship for International Trade ** As I will be on leave in the summer term 2024, the Bachelors's course "Model European Union" will not be offered.

Upcoming courses

  • Summer term 2024: VWL in Aktion (Bachelor Module B.WIWI-OPH.0010, 6 C Lecture series)
  • Winter term 2024/25: The Economics of European Integration (Master Module M.WIWI-VWL.0619, 6 C, Lecture with tutorial)

    Supervised theses 2020 - 2022

  • The impact of the introduction of the Euro on international trade (Bachelor)
  • The impact of economic integration on trade flows and welfare - An Economic Analysis of Deep Trade Agreements (Bachelor)
  • The effects of a potential EU-Mercosur trade agreement: evaluating market access and exploitation of natural resources (Master)
  • The global impact of COVID-19 on trade flows and supply chains (Master)
  • Impact of trade measures in context of the COVID-19 crisis on price volatility in agricultural markets (Bachelor)
  • The impact of the Brexit referenduum on the economic performance of British industries (Master)
  • New Trade Theory: Implications for welfare and distribution (Bachelor)
  • Reasons and consequences of trade conflicts in the 21st century: analysis based on the case USA vs. China (Master)