The Siewert Group



Yasaman Sheidaei, Pierre Pascal Kachel, Jyotima Mukherjee, Kai-Thorben Kuessner
Marie Weidner, Nils Ostermann, Inke Siewert
Mandy Weiß, Philipp Rohatschek, Inna Safianova, Henner Pesch.

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26.07.2022 – New Group Member

Pierre Kachel joins the group for his Master's Thesis and Inna Safianova for her Post-Doc – welcome!

20.07.2022 – Inorg. Chem. Paper

The joint work with the Schneider group on "Halide Effects in Reductive Splitting of Dinitrogen with Rhenium Pincer Complexes" has been accepted for publication.

15.06.2022 – New Group Member

Marie Weidner joins the group as technician – welcome!

10.06.2022 – ACS Catal. Paper

Igor's and Thorben's work on "Electroreduction of Carbonyl Compounds Catalyzed by a Manganese Complex" has been accepted for publication.

10.06.2022 – ZAAC Paper

Sebastian's work on "A Binuclear Cobalt Complex in the Electrochemical Water Oxidation Reaction" in collaboration with the Sarkar group (Stuttgart) has been accepted for publication.

03.06.2022 – PhD Defense

Lucas and Igor recently successfully defended their PhD thesis, which we finally celebrated with the traditional "Abholung"! Well deserved - congratulations.

02.02.2022 – New Group Member

Philipp Rohatschek joins the group for his PhD Thesis – welcome!

01.02.2022 – Acc. Chem. Res. Paper

Inke's Accounts of Chemical Research on "Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Catalyzed by Binuclear LRe2(CO)6Cl2 and LMn2(CO)6Br2 Complexes with an Internal Proton Source" has been published.

20.12.2021 – New Group Member

Yasaman Sheidaei joins the group for her PhD thesis and Casey Tensfeldt for her Bachelor’s Thesis – welcome!

03.12.2021 – Commun. Chem. Paper

Ole's and Martin's work on "Ordering a rhenium catalyst on Ag(001) through molecule-surface step interaction" with our contribution has been accepted in Communications Chemistry.

26.11.2021 – Angew. Chem. Paper

The joint work with the Rivard group on "Redox-Active Heteroatom-Functionalized Polyacetylenes" has been accepted in the Angewandte Chemie.

04.10.2021 – New Group Member

Janna Wierper joins the group for her Master’s Thesis – welcome!

15.09.2021 – SYNTHESIS Review

Igor's and Thorben's Mini-Review on "Transition Metal Complex Catalysed Photo- and Electrochemical (De)hydroge- nations Involving C=O- and C=N-Bonds" has been accepted in SYNTHESIS. 

30.06.2021 – DFG/NSF Proposal

Our joint proposal with Nilay Hazari (Yale University) and Alexander Miller (UNC) on electrochemical hydrogenation reactions was approved by the DFG. Fantastic, I am looking forward to this!

17.06.2021 – CRC 1073

Inke was elected as Vice speaker of the CRC 1073. Thank you very much!

02.06.2021 – CRC 1073

The CRC 1073 on atomic scale control of energy conversion received approval from the DFG and will be funded for further 4 years. Looking forward to this.

18.05.2021 – PhD position available

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD student in the field of inorganic molecular electrochemistry (closed).

06.04.2021 – JACS Paper

The joint work with the Meyer group on "A Bioinspired Disulfide/Dithiol Redox Switch in a Rhenium Complex as Proton, H-Atom, and Hydride Transfer Reagent" has been accepted in the J. Am. Chem. Soc.

06.04.2021 – ZAAC Paper

The work of the Schneider group with Inke's contribution on “Solvent dependent C–H Bond Strength in a Nickel Pincer Complex” hast been accepted in ZAAC.

01.04.2021 – New Post-Doc

Thomas Wylezich starts his Post-Doc in our group. Welcome, Thomas!

31.03.2021 – Chem. Eur. J. Paper

The joint work with the Rivard group on "A Stable Homoleptic Divinyl Tetrelene Series" has been accepted in Chem. Eur. J.

25.03.2021 – Upgrade

I declined an offer from Potsdam University for a W3-Professorship and accepted a counter-offer from Göttingen University. Thanks to everyone, who made this possible, espacially to the group members - past and present - for their great work. I am looking forward to continuing our research at the University of Göttingen!

22.02.2021 – ACS Catal. Paper

The joint work with the Meyer group on "Selective Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction to CO by an NHC-Based Organometallic Heme Analogue" has been accepted in ACS Catalysis.

13.01.2021 – New PhD Students

After successful finishing of their Master's Thesis, Kai-Thorben and Henner start with their PhD Thesis in the group.