Dr. Guntars Martinson

Room 3.130

Tel.: +49 551 39 23604

Email: gmartin@gwdg.de

Research interests

I am a researcher, lecturer and head of the Forest Trace Gas Laboratory in the Soil Science of Tropical and Subtropical Ecosystems Department of Prof. Edzo Veldkamp at the University of Göttingen.

We study how natural and managed ecosystems are affected by global change processes. We use natural gradients, ecosystem- and molecular-scale experiments to get a better mechanistic understanding of how plant-microbe interactions control nutrient cycling in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum under global change processes. Ultimately, we want to identify site- and climate-adapted forest tree species and forest stands to promote forest health and sustainable forestry in the face of climate change.

    In my group we mainly focus on

    1) nutrient cycling and trace gas fluxes in tropical and temperate forest ecosystems
  • to identify forest management effects and other environmental controls on forest greenhouse gas fluxes (CO2, CH4, N2O) and soil nutrient cycling and
  • to identify climate smart trees and forest stands with reduced greenhouse gas (CH4, N2O) emissions, sustainable soil nutrient use and optimal resistance and resilience.

  • 2) educating foresters and environmental managers in ecosystem site evaluation.

    see personal homepage: https://cambisol.wixsite.com/gomartinson