Research Project (M.Sc.)

General information

Type of course
Term Every summer term
Credits 18 ECTS
Module M.WIWI-BWL.0059
Courses of study
Master of Science in Business Information Systems
Master of Science in Marketing and E-Business
Master of Science Global Business
Others upon request
Course language German
Examination Presentation (approx. 30 minutes) with a joint research report (max. 15 pages per participant in a group)
Instructor Prof. Dr. Manuel Trenz


  • Application period: February 8th until April 3rd 2022 (noon)
  • Rolling application procedure: You will receive a binding acceptance or rejection after only a few weeks; early binding application is an advantage
  • Ideally, complete project teams submit their preferred topic directly by e-mail to Maximilian Grüning for a binding application (please also separately send your respective CV and current grade overview from FlexNow)
  • Individuals can express interest and will be assigned to incomplete teams


  • Students of the Master in Business Information Systems: none
  • Students of the Master in Marketing und E-Business: Market Research I (M.WIWI-BWL.0079) or Market Research II (M.WIWI-BWL.0080)

Course content

  • Literature review, hypotheses development, data collection, and hypotheses testing
  • Practice using scientific methods, in particular data collection and evaluation (multivariate analysis methods), or the creation of software prototypes
  • Interim presentation and regular discussion of milestones

Topics in summer term 2022

  • The topics offered in summer term 2022 are available on the German version of our website.


  • Presentation of the topic and relevant milestones
  • Problem definition
  • Identification and presentation of the methods used in problem solving
  • Information analysis (preparation, analysis and summarizing information for decision-making) or the development of a prototype
  • Final presentation
  • Compilation of a comprehensive research report including documentation of the steps taken

Topics from previous semesters

  • Geodiscovery through Gamification
  • Customer service via WhatsApp
  • Digitalization in the health care sector

Further information can be found in UniVZ.