At the Institute of Computer Science, there are several activities with which we specifically support female students in different phases of their studies: a female student learning group, the female student network, and, together with the mathematics teaching unit, a regulars' table for female mathematicians and computer scientists.

The first two activities mentioned were supported by the Equality Innovation Fund of the University of Göttingen until April 2020. This in turn is financed by funds from the Equality Innovation Fund and the Female Professors Program. From April 2020, the student learning group will be continued from decentralized study quality funds of the Institute of Computer Science. The third activity is jointly organized by the female student advisors of computer science and mathematics.

Female student Learning Group

In this study group, female students participating in the courses Computer Science I (Informatik I), Computer Science II (Informatik II), C-course and Practical Programming (APP) can deepen the current course material or, if necessary, catch up on missing basics. In doing so, students can work together on current exercise sheets or ask questions on contents of the lectures. In addition, support is also provided for difficulties at the beginning of studies, e.g. setting up one's own computer.

The group is led by one or more female students from higher semesters. The participants can make suggestions to the content of the group, the exercise sheets to work on, or aspects to be dealt with in more detail. At the end of the semester, this group is also used for joint exam preparation. The study group is also open to students from other subjects such as business informatics or physics.

When from November 3, 2020 every Thursday, 12:15 p.m.
Where As a digital meeting. You can find more information at Stud.IP
Duration of a meeting 1,5 hours

Female Student Networks

The Female Student Network is a series of events where female students can talk to successful women. These women can come from academia and research as well as industry. The event format can vary. Sometimes people meet over an informal coffee, sometimes a short lecture followed by a discussion or a workshop is held.
When Two to three times per semester, exact dates will be announced in due time
Where To be announced
Duration 2 hours
Next meeting Suspended for an unknown period of time due to the coronavirus

Regulars' table for female mathematicians and computer scientists

Once a month, all female students of mathematics and computer science and all those who feel connected to them are cordially invited to a regulars' table.

The regulars' table takes place as a monthly lunch every last Tuesday of the month at 12:30 pm. in the central cafeteria and is organized by the student advisors of mathematics and computer science.

With the regular's table we want to strengthen the networking and visibility of women at our faculty, especially in courses of study in which the proportion of women is low. Topics of previous regular's table discussions were, for example, how to continue in the Master's program, what career advancement opportunities are available, e.g. for doctoral studies, research topics, experiences as a foreign student in Göttingen, compatibility of family and studies/profession, sexism, etc. There are no guidelines for the topics, everything can be addressed or simply talked about something other than studies or work. Details about dates, meeting place and a link to sign up to the mailing list can be found here.

When Suspended for an unknown time due to the Coronavirus pandemic
Where Zentralmensa
Duration Ca. 60-90 minutes
  1. Kontakt:
  2. Dr. Anne-Kathrin Schultz
    Goldschmidtstr. 7
    37077 Göttingen

    Tel. +49 551 39 172055
    Fax. +49 551 39 14415