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Are you interested in networking with like-minded students who are into international working? Are you looking for inspirations and incentives regarding global job opportunities? Do you have questions about working abroad in specific countries and want to benefit from authentic reports? If those questions are matching your interests, join the Career Service Community #workinginternationally on Rocket.Chat!

  • Networking and interaction of German and International students with focus on your international career start
  • Information, inspiration and conceptualizing to initiate your global working experience
  • Structuring of a professional network for students of all fields and semesters

    • Target Group
    • International Students looking to gain experience on the German job market as well as German students looking to gain experience abroad.
    • BA- and MA-student of all fields. Channel language within the Community is English.

      • Rocket.Chat
      • Rocket.Chat is a tool of communication by the GWDG and can be used by Göttingen University’s students and staff on their PC and phone for free (Windows, MAC, Android, iOS).
      • A simple registration is necessary via GWDG and your student ID. After completion, you can join the Channel #workinginternationally.

        • Community-Guidelines
        • The Career Service offers the platform Rocket.Chat to pursue the previously named objectives. Individual concerns should still be targeted at the Career Service directly.
        • Your contribution of own ideas, inspirations and reflections to characterize the Community is kindly requested.
        • More concentrated discussions in-between individuals about specific topics may be held in separate chats. Same can be public if they are of interest to other participants but not the whole community.
        • The community itself is responsible to keep the focus on aspirations of international careers and drifting away from it will be of exceptional nature.
        • The Career Service functions in a role of moderation within the community: It inspires, focuses attention on upcoming events and is present as an arbitrator. The Career Service is active during its regular working hours.
        • Click here to get to the Channel: #workinginternationally