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Mentoring programme for career entry (Brückenschlag+ project)

  • Are you looking for guidance on potential activities / industries / occupational fields?
  • Would you like to gain in-depth insights into practical business processes and organisational structures?
  • Would you like support in defining your own professional ideas and goals?
  • Would you like to have a longer-term exchange with experienced professionals with regard to your personal questions?

Individual one-to-one mentoring
The Brückenschlag+ project links you with a mentor from a field that interests you, who will give you personal guidance and support you with any questions relating to requirements, qualification or strategies that will help you break into your chosen field. The exchange of experiences provides you with insights into real world professional experiences and gives you impulses for professional decision-making and orientation how to qualify for your career entry.


  • Exclusive offer for all participants: LUXXprofile - personality questionnaire including feedback session
  • Workshops accompanying the mentoring process (compulsory, find dates below)
  • Participation in at least one other career event of the University on different topics as application workshop, company excursions, alumni talks
  • Creating your own digital career portfolio

Build your first business contacts with your mentor ande exchange with other participants to build your own network.

Timeline 2019/20
*Please note: The workshops are compulsory and in German language.

Target groups
The mentoring programme provides targeted support to students who encounter specific challenges during the transition from university to work due to their social or personal situation.

  • students who have a child or have caregiving responsibilities
  • students with impairments, such as disabilities, chronic diseases or mental illness
  • students with a (family) migration background
  • students who were first in the family to study at university
  • students who are or were refugees
  • professionally qualified students

Registration: Recently the 3rd round of the programme started, therefore an application is not possible.