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Digital Offers of the Career Service

eLearning resoources: Screencasts, Self-Assessments, Q&A and topic specific Career Paper

E-Portfolio "Career Start" (only in German language)

Are you interested in discovering more aspects regarding your competences, qualifications, interests, and professional aims? Do you want to get to know more about strategies to apply for jobs? The E-Portfolio on the Mahara-platform supports you with minor exercises which are available to be completed alone, as two or in a group. Further, the community on the Mahara-platform enables participants to exchange experiences and get in touch with each other.
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Working in Germany

Are you an international student aiming to start your career in Germany? Are you looking for all the application requirements specifically needed on the German labor market? The English offer to be done by yourself regarding “Working in Germany” will provide you a broad overview of possibilities and perspectives and will inform you about important questions. You'll find a screencast and the following chapters: I. Know yourself, II. Planning your career, III. Looking for a job, IV. Applying for a job (entering via Stud.IP course "Career Service Online Angebote" -> Ilias learning module "Working in Germany for international students")

Internship abroad (only in German language)

Are you interested in doing an “internship abroad”? The e-learning resources provide the opportunity to prepare for the stay abroad and the most common questions of employers regarding an “internship abroad”.
To the offer: Stud.IP - Kurs „Career Service Online Angebote“ –> Dateien & Lernmodul "Arbeiten und Praktika im Ausland"

Career Paper „Bewerben mit Kind(ern)“ (only in German language)

You are a parent and want to come to know how family friendly a company is? Are you unsure whether or how to address your parenthood and parental leave in your CV or job interview? Our career paper provides solutions to those and more specific questions regarding the application process. Furthermore, a list of labels and awards to put light on family friendly companies, different models of working arrangements (e.g. part-time), and an overview of further information and consultation services is provided.
You can find the paper here