Information Management in Service Enterprises
- B.WIWI-WIN.0004 -

Lecture course for Bachelor Students

Course Overview

What? How?
Course frequency every winter semester
Course type Lecture
Exam prerequisites Three successfully passed case studies
Examination Written exam (90 minutes)
Credits 6 ECTS
Admission requirements none


This lecture covers a selection of applications from the areas of banking, insurance, tourism, health care and media distribution. DP-applications for investment consultancy and security trading as well as applicationd of the execution of payment transactions will be discussed. Furthermore, agency systems in insurance business, travel-booking systems of airlines and content management systems for journals and websites are part of the agenda of this course.

Learning targets

Students should

  • get familiar with chosen tasks and functions of service providers.
  • know and be able to assess different applications of ICS for these functions.
  • be able to analyse problems from areas discussed.
  • be able to develop solutions for using ICS for service providers ont their own.

Schedule WS 2019/20

What? When and Where?
First Lecture Tuesday, 22nd Oct 2019, 12:00 - 14:00 p.m. in ZHG 007
Date of Exam Tuesday, 11th Feb 2019, 12:00 - 14:00 p.m. in ZHG 007

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