At its meeting on 27 June 2018, the University's Foundation Committee adopted new investment principles, which also include the topics of sustainability and divestment.

When making investment decisions, investments that are socially, ethically and ecologically sustainable - based on the UN World Commission's Agenda 21 or other suitable sustainability indices - must be chosen above all. As a matter of principle, investments are not made in companies whose main business is the exploration, production, transport and distribution or energy production from fossil and nuclear energy sources (coal, natural gas, oil, uranium). The same applies to companies that violate the ILO core labour standards. In the case of funds, the exact determination of the values in the portfolio cannot be influenced by the foundation university and is often not completely distinguishable. In these instances, it should be ensured that the proportion of values that meet the negative criteria mentioned above do not constitute a significant value in the fund. Existing investments in these areas will be reduced within 5 years, provided this is economically justifiable.

The University of Göttingen is committed to the societal role model function of universities to contribute to ecological, social and economic sustainable development. In accordance with the motto 'In publica commoda - for the benefit of all', the University of Göttingen therefore also assumes social responsibility in its investments and selects them not only according to economic aspects, but also according to socially, ethically and ecologically justifiable criteria. Furthermore, the University of Göttingen's commitment to divestment in 2018 shows that students can help shape the development of universities if student participation is encouraged and facilitated.


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