Various centres and institutes conduct sustainability-orientated research. The University of Göttingen advocates for the support and further development of discipline-specific and cross-disciplinary research on sustainability in all academic disciplines.

  1. Monitor the environmental footprint
  2. Foster learning and innovation
  3. Reduce the environmental footprint
  4. Nurture campus sustainability
  5. Embrace sustainability in private life
  6. Constructively deal with environmental anxiety
  7. Design research projects for sustainability impact
  8. Engage with stakeholders
  9. Capitalize on sustainability teaching
  10. Recognize biases and limits
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European Green Deal Call - Research to fight the climate crisis and for transformation

Selected Research Projects dealing with Sustainability:

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Sustainability Coordinator

Marco Lange, Coordinator of the Green Office
Phone: 0551 39-21356


Anuschka Linner, Student of International Economics

Katja Stieger, Student of Physics

Tabea Kothe, Student of Resource analysis and management

Felix Heller, Student of Ethnology
E-Mail: felix.heller@zvw.uni-goettingen