Nachhaltigkeit an der Universität Göttingen

Sustainability at the University of Göttingen

Green Office

The Green Office is the central office for sustainability of the University of Göttingen that coordinates and pools all activities and knowledge in the field of sustainability at the university. Furthermore, it coordinates the development and implementation of measures that support and encourage sustainable behaviour. It is also the responsibility of the Green Office to support the cross-linking of all members of the university’s community and the Göttingen Campus on the issue of sustainable development.


Sustainability Strategy

The University of Göttingen is committed to the special societal responsibility and role model function of universities to contribute to regional, national and international sustainable development. This pledge complies with the guiding principle that is engraved in the founding medal of our university: ‘For the good of all’ (in publica commoda). The following areas of activity are thereby of great relevance to the university:



Research projects that focus on sustainability and sustainable development

Student Affairs

Studium und Lehre

Degree programmes and study focuses as well as educational programmes on sustainability

Governance and Networking

Governance und Vernetzung

Committees, Initiatives and Memberships



Information on resource friendly operations within the university

Knowledge Transfer & Reporting


Projects for the exchange with society and reports on the activities of the university

Green Office


Central office for sustainability to improve the sustainability of the university and the Göttingen Campus