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FAQ Ideas Competition for Students

You are looking for answers to questions about the Ideas Competition for Students? Get an overview here:

Can I submit ideas that only concern one faculty or one degree programme?
This can be chosen freely. Your idea for improvement can apply to the entire university or to single faculties or degree programmes.
Can I submit several ideas?
There is no limit to the number of your ideas.
Do I have to specify all members of the team if I have worked out my idea with a number of fellow students?
Yes, absolutely. Please name all enrolled members of your team or group. Only if you do so all involved fellows can be considered during the whole procedure.
What should be the length of my suggestion? What would be a good structure for my text?
You know best in which way and length you want to develop your idea. There are no limits as to the length of your text; it is important, that the description of your ideas and solutions are explained clearly so that the benefit and the improvement gained with your suggestion is visible. After all, you want to convince the jury that your approach will be a qualitative improvement. Besides the benefits you should also describe a possible way of putting your idea into practise.
Your proposal should include the following:
  • your contact details (Name, matriculation number, address, email address, if available telephone number)
  • title for your idea
  • Main text including
    • a brief description of the current situation,
    • an explanation of your suggestion (if an existing situation, explain why change is desirable) and possible ways of implementation,
    • the improvements to be achieved with.
The length of the description of the proposal should not be less than one page (Din A4).
Which suggestions cannot be taken into consideration within the Ideas Competition?
In accordance with the Procedure Guidelines of the Ideas Competition (published in the Official Announcements from Goettingen University on 30.09.2015) neither comments / complaints without concrete proposals for solutions nor improvements that are already in development will be counted as an entry to the Ideas Competition.
How and in which format can I enter my suggestions?
You can enter your ideas by e-mail, per post or personally. Please use a common file format (such as . doc, .docx or .pdf). Of course you can also use other formats.
Can I send ideas after the deadline for entries?
Ideas that are handed in after the deadline for entries cannot be taken into consideration.
In principle students are free to make a suggestion to improve study conditions at any time. The Representative for Academic Quality will examine each suggestion and research solutions together with relevant authorities and stakeholders.
Will I get an acknowledgement of receipt for my entry? Will I get a notification in case that I won?
Provided that you sent an e-mail or that you included your e-mail-address in your written proposal, you will receive an e-mail to confirm that your suggestion was rearrived. If there is a large number of participants this may take a while although all persons involved are interested in a rapid process. We will inform you as soon as possible – regardless of whether you won or not.
How long does it take until the winners will be announced?
Experience shows that the Jury arrive at a decision at the beginning of the following semester. All participants will be informed about the status of their idea before the results are published. The winners will be announced and celebrated during the yearly Award Ceremony with invited guests.
Can I participate in several competition rounds?
Yes, even if you have already won a prize in a previous year you can participate again with new ideas that suit the motto.
Can I enter an idea again that was rejected by the jury in a previous competition round?
It is very speculative to judge how the jury will deal with a re-entry of an idea that was already evaluated before. But in the end the principle „new game, new chance“ applies.
Can I withdraw my suggestion after the deadline of entries?
You can withdraw your suggestion at any time before the assessment made by the jury. Please inform the Representative for Academic Quality as soon as possible (by e-mail or in written).