C02 - Stochastic computed tomography: theory and algorithms for single-shot X-FEL imaging

PIs: Prof. Dr. Helmut Grubmüller; Prof. Dr. Russell Luke

In this project we will develop the theory and algorithms for stochastic computed tomography in the context of single molecule single-shot femtosecond X-ray free-electron laser data. These experiments provide a new and unique route to macromolecular structure determination at room temperature, without the need for crystallization, and at low material usage. The main challenges in these experiments are the extremely low signal to noise ratio due to the very low expected photon count per scattering image (10–50), typically well below the number of photons required by currently available methods. We will overcome this limitation by new correlation-based and Bayesian approaches, which will in the long run enable the time-resolved structure determination of single molecules.

PhD students:
Steffen Schultze

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