A06 - Predictive models and frame of reference in macaque sensorimotor cortex under natural conditions

PIs: Prof. Dr. Fabian Sinz; Prof. Dr. Alexander Gail

The aim of this project is to build a novel graph-based predictive model for the sensorimotor system of the primate brain. We will use the model to test hypotheses about the coordinate system in which neurons represent body posture, movement, and movement targets such as the location of a food source. We will develop the models on large-scale neuronal data recorded wirelessly from different brain areas of non-human primates while they freely forage their experimentally controlled environment. In subsequent experiments, we will test predictions from the model with freely behaving monkeys in complex environments.

PhD students:
Vladyslav Ivanov
Caio Oliveira da Silva

Yongrong Qiu, Dr.

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