Dr. Tino Kreszies


I am a plant scientist with a special interest on the effects of abiotic stresses on crops, such as drought, salt or nutrient deficiencies, as these will jeopardize food security in future. In my concept of research, I combine omics-technologies with plant physiology approaches, to understand the whole plant performance and their adaptation mechanisms to specific environments.

Specific areas of interest include:

  • The structure and function of suberized root barriers forming the root/soil interface
  • The water and nutrient transport into plant roots
  • The structure and function of cutin/wax barriers forming the plant/atmosphere interface
  • Photosynthesis under aspects of nutrient deficiencies and drought stress

Current crops of interest:

  • Barley & Wheat
  • Maize
  • Sugar beet

Summer term

  • Nutritional physiology of plants (BSc – Agrarwissenschaften)
  • Fundamentals of plant nutrition (BSc – Agrarwissenschaften)
  • Nutrient dynamics in the rhizosphere (MSc – Agrarwissenschaften)

Winter term

  • Plant Nutrition – nutrient uptake and transport (BSc – Agrarwissenschaften)

Contributing to the courses

  • Scientific writing and professional presentation in crop sciences (BSc)
  • Methods of scientific presentation: An interdisciplinary course (MSc)

Cover Plant Cell
Endo- and Exodermis in cross‐sections of the basal part of wild barley seminal roots.

See Google Scholar for a full list of my publications