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Picking up your student account and student ID

For which degree are you enrolled?
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Which Master's are you enrolled in?

Note: If you are unsure which faculty the Master's you are enrolled in belongs to, please check the A-Z list.

Register your account online

Step 1: Set up password
Please use your access data from the application process (app-surname for Bachelor, XXX-20211-XXXX for Master) to log in to our pick-up portal (see link below). There you can then once set a password for your student account. Please be sure to make a note of your access data (usually firstname.lastname and your self-selected password) after creating the account! These are the access data for your student account, which you can use to log in to eCampus and for many other online services.

Step 2: Take picture and initiate ID card creation
Now you can take a portrait photo for your student ID card via smartphone camera or webcam in the collection portal. Please note that it is imperative that you take a picture directly in the portal and cannot upload previously taken pictures. You can then choose to have the card sent to you by post to an address within Germany.

When the card is created by us, you will receive an email to your student mailbox (accessible via eCampus). There you will also find the access data for your library account at the SUB in the attached documents.

Here you can access the Pick-up Portal.

Attention: If you experience technical problems after logging in to the collection portal and are therefore unable to create your eCampus account, please select the option "Exchange students, guest students and others" in the list of degrees above and follow the instructions.

Account application via email
Please send an email to Please attach a portrait photo of yourself to the email as detailed below. Your email must contain the following:
- First name and surname, as stated on the identity card
- Date of birth
- Matriculation number
- Personal postal address in Germany to which the ID card can be securely sent (Attention: your name must be on letterbox!)
- A digital portrait photo (3:4 portrait format, colour JPG, if possible smaller than 1 megabyte, if possible monochrome background).

The ID card will then be produced and sent to you at the address provided. At the same time, you will also receive the access data for your student account, with which you can log in to eCampus, for example, directly by e-mail (sender, subject: Card info). Please understand that the delivery of the student ID card may take some time due to the increased workload and postal delivery times.
Note for international students: If you do not yet live in Germany and do not have an address where your name is on the letterbox, it is not possible to send your student id by post. In this case, please do not include an address in your mail! The student ID card will then be created and kept for you and you can pick it up at the Central Issuing Office as soon as you are in Göttingen. Of course, you will still receive the access data for the online system by email.