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Biology (B.A.) (2 subjects/teaching profession)


Teach Life Sciences: Biology is a multifaceted, experimental science for prospective teachers to study in equal balance with another subject. You will get to know and use Organismic and Molecular Biology in theory and practice. Alongside well-established training in Biology, you will receive knowledge in specialised didactics and education in preparation for being a teacher. Our partner schools offer various options in order to get to know the teaching profession up-front as early as during your studies. The Master of Education degree then continues teacher training.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) (2 subjects/teaching profession)
Standard period of study:
6 semesters
Only the winter semester
Language of the programme:
restricted admission (application to the University)
A pre-course is offered
Orientation events:
at the beginn of your studies orientation events are offered

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Biology is the science of living things, studying their diversity, development, functioning, and the relationship among individual organisms and their environment; from the physical and chemical processes in the individual cell to complex ecosystems. How exciting but challenging is it to teach the diversity of the subject to young pupils?

In the bachelor's program (teaching profession), the focus is on the subject content of the two chosen subjects, supplemented by Biology didactics and pedagogical content.

The subject Biology imparts a basic education in Biology and other basic natural science subjects in the first study period ("orientation year" in the first and second semesters).

In the second stage of study (third to sixth semesters), students gain exemplary experience in one organismic and one Molecular Biology subject from a wide range of options and acquire basic knowledge of Central European flora and fauna as well as biological didactics. In one of the two subjects, the bachelor's thesis is written in the fifth or sixth semester.

The bachelor's program (teaching profession) in Göttingen is characterized by a focus on the subject-specific education of the two chosen teaching subjects, so that the largest part of the program is devoted to the subject-specific studies, together with the mono-bachelor's students. The two subjects are studied in equal proportions.

Biology in Göttingen is characterized by a broad range of biological subject areas that are also relevant for modern Biology teaching. This ensures that the latest findings can be incorporated into teacher training and, at the same time, makes it possible to set individual focal points of interest.

In addition to an interest in Biology, scientific issues, and enjoyment of hands-on experiments, general science fundamentals, particularly in chemistry, are required. An understanding of biological processes and interrelationships, whether at the macro-, micro- or even molecular-biological level, is hardly possible without a solid knowledge of the other natural sciences.

In addition to a sound knowledge of the subject, the complex tasks of a teacher also require further social, personal and communicative skills. Student teachers in particular should therefore enjoy communicating knowledge and explaining facts. Last but not least, this includes linguistic fluency and good expressiveness.

The six-semester Bachelor's program (teaching profession) primarily qualifies students for the subsequent four-semester Master of Education program with the professional goal of becoming a teacher at high schools.

However, the path to science is also possible: if the subject Biology is combined with another natural science subject (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics) and the bachelor's thesis is written in Biology, it also enables the student to study a subject-specific biology-oriented master's degree program (Master of Science).

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Regulations and module directory

Combination of subjects for the teaching profession

Some combinations of subjects with Biology must be approved:


Winter semester only
1st subject semester:
restricted admission (application to the University)
2nd to 6th subject semester:
restricted admission (application to the University)

Non-German citizens without a German educational qualification

Citizen from a non-EU country (or stateless person)


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