ILIAS is a learning content management system that is used at the University of Göttingen as a complement to Stud.IP. Many functions of ILIAS and Stud.IP are identical, however with the possibility to create learning modules and to offer tests or online exams ILIAS offers a useful addition to Stud.IP.

We currently offer different instances for different scenarios:

  • For teaching in all study programs
  • Only accessible via Stud.IP
Online-examination ILIAS
  • For online exams (location-independent)
  • Only accessible via Stud.IP
E-exams ILIAS
  • Self-contained, stand-alone system for the e-exams
  • For the publication of ILIAS content
  • For non-university cooperations

Teaching-ILIAS (Stud.IP)

The Teaching-ILIAS can only be accessed via Stud.IP and is visible via a link between the Stud.IP course and ILIAS. ILIAS learning modules, tests, glossaries, etc. can be linked. In the teaching-ILIAS itself, further useful elements, such as flashcards, portfolios, interactive videos, H5P elements, etc., are available. Stud.IP continues to take over the functions of participant management (e.g. sending messages).

Instructions and support can be found here:

Online-examination-ILIAS (extEP)

Like the Teaching-ILIAS, the Online-Examination-ILIAS can only be accessed via the "Learning Module Interface" within a Stud.IP course and makes it possible to conduct online examinations without presence. The range of functions is severely limited here, so that teachers can only create tests and question pools.

E-exams ILIAS

The E-exam ILIAS is a separate entity, protected on separate servers, to ensure the operation of E-exams in the Blue Tower E-exam room. E-exams take place in presence. This installation is also used only for tests and question pools. You can find more info here.


OpenILIAS is our platform for providing open-access teaching materials. Interested parties can register and access a wide range of self-learning materials. Cross-university collaborations also make use of this resource. It is important to know that OpenILIAS is not intended for teaching, in which mainly Göttingen students participate, and material published there must meet certain criteria. Further information can be found here.

We do not support other entities, such as the ILIAS used for training at the UMG. Interested parties are welcome to participate in our trainings upon prior arrangement.