There is a wide variety of e-learning opportunities at the University of Göttingen. The topics of some of these are of interest not just to students of our courses, rather they are intended to be made available to other target groups also. For this purpose, the Service for Digital Learning and Teaching would like to establish two new offerings:

1. Teaching material for private study for Göttingen students of other faculties in the Stud.IP

With its own separate area in the Stud.IP, we would like to give you the opportunity to offer digital study units and teaching material to students of other faculties for private study. In future, this new area within the Stud.IP will be a branch in the course catalogue which will combine these offerings and open up access. We would furthermore like to especially point out this offering on our website to achieve better awareness in the university. You can find out how you can use this offering here.

2. Teaching materials which are oriented to the public

OpenILIAS, our new platform will enable certain study units to be made public and thus accessible for new target groups.

Here, it should be noted that: OpenILIAS is not intended for the teaching in which predominantly Göttingen students participate. There is already a very good, user-friendly solution for this in the Stud.IP and the ILIAS which is linked there which all students and teachers can automatically access with their university ID and which also offers diverse advantages. We are happy to help you search for a solution.

OpenILIAS is open to everyone. Self-registration to receive access to the system as a learner is possible with a valid email address. Special events can even be accessed by a reader without registration.

OpenILIAS is intended for the following scenarios:

1.) You have learning modules and materials which you would like to make publicly available. These can be placed on OpenILIAS. Visitors do not require registration to visit the course. Communication with these participants is not possible. If users register and join the open course, then restricted communication is possible with them.

2.) You would like to work together with students who are not Göttingen students in a closed course.

3.) You have a project which is not principally addressed to Göttingen students in which you would like to work with learners in a closed area.

If you are interested in the options presented, please contact the Service for Digital Learning and Teaching. We will be glad to advise you!