Azadeh Hassanpour, M.Sc.

Current research and projects

Scientific Assistant
  • Project: "Development of an optimization framework for complex breeding programs based on the Modular Breeding Program Simulator (MoBPS)"


Study of Crop Science (Plant Breeding and Seed Science) at the University of Hohenheim
  • Main focus: Variant discovery and population structure analysis
  • Title of the master thesis: Investigating the population structure of the Andean grain canihua (Chenopodium pallidicaule)

Study of Agriculture Engineer at the University of Payam Noor
  • Main focus: Effect of heavy metals on plants
  • Title of the thesis: The effects of mercury exposure on biochemical, morphological,and physiological parameters in wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) genotypes


Selecta Klemm GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart Mühlhausen
  • Main focus: Ornamental plant breeding programs

Conference talks

  • A Hassanpour, H Simianer, T Pook (2022) Beyond Scenarios - Resource optimization for dairy cattle breeding programs (MoBPSopti). In: World Congress on Genetics to Livestock Production. Rotterdam, Netherland, 7th July 2022.
  • A Hassanpour, H Simianer, T Pook (2021) Beyond Scenarios – General Optimization of Breeding Programs (MoBPSopti). Talk at ‘Projektgruppe “Genetisch-Statistische Methoden” der DGFZ’, Kassel, Germany, 21th September 2021.