Bethge, Rajmund: Heterogenisations in the (inclusive) English classroom. An ethnography of subjectifying practices in classroom interaction (working title)

Contributions to the (inclusive) foreign language didactical discourse on heterogeneity mostly assume a naturalistic understanding of ‘heterogeneity’ as a factual dimension within the students. Contrary to this position of natural, stable dimensions of heterogeneity, the dissertation project aspires a social constructivist perspective on teacher-influenced processes in which heterogeneity is constituted. Based on theories of subjectivation, processes of heterogenisation in English classes are ought to be analysed and in return can be utilised for the development of professional teacher conduct with regards to the theory of ‘reflexive Inklusion’ (Budde & Hummrich 2013; Budde & Hummrich 2015; Budde 2017).