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Project “Bühne frei: Schulische Bildungsangebote im Bereich Darstellendes Spiel und ihre Wirkung auf die Persönlichkeitsentwicklung” (“Clear the Stage: School-Based Education in the Performing Arts and their Impact on Personality Development”).
Joint project of the English Department (Prof. Dr. Carola Surkamp) and Psychology Department (Prof. Dr. Sascha Schröder) at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

Project part 2 (TEFL / English Department): “Wirkmechanismen des Darstellenden Spiels auf das sozial-emotionale Erleben von Schülerinnen und Schülern” (“Effects of the Performing Arts on the Socio-emotional Development of Students”).

The project “Bühne frei” explores the impact of attending programmes of cultural education on personality traits of their participants. The project is funded by the Forschungsfond Kulturelle Bildung for a period of three years (10/2018-10/2021). The Forschungsfond is a project of the Rat für Kulturelle Bildung e.V., which is supported by the Mercator Stiftung and Karl Schlecht Stiftung.
Project part 2 analyses the influence, or effect, of drama activities on the personality development of students who attend English-speaking theatre clubs at school. Current research suggests that drama activities may promote the development of a range of social (e.g., tolerance), attitudinal (e.g., motivation), and socio-emotional (e.g., empathy) personality traits. However, earlier research has focused on drama programmes as a whole and investigated the effect of, for instance, a drama course, workshop, or club. To advance research, this project analytically divides a drama workshop into its structural elements and examines the effect of individual phases (e.g., warm-up, acting, reflection) and interpersonal aspects (e.g., scaffolding) of theatre play on its participants. As an empirical study, the project makes use of (quantitative) scales and instruments as well as (qualitative) interview surveys.
Project part 2 is conducted in cooperation with the Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Gesamtschule, a comprehensive school in Göttingen, which offers two English-speaking theatre clubs (for grades 5/6 and 7-10) for each school term.
A synopsis of project part 1 is found on the website of the Psychology Department, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Pädagogischen Psychologie der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

Research supervisor: Prof. Dr. Carola Surkamp
Research assistant: Andreas Wirag
Student assistant: Jana Stürwohldt

New webpage 'Digital media in the EFL Classroom‘

A new webpage about the use of digital media in the EFL classroom has been launched by the Klett Academy. You will find both theoretical texts about questions concerned with digital media and teaching proposals for the use of digital media in different fields of teaching and learning English (e.g. writing, speaking, or literature).

To the website 'Digital Media in the EFL classroom'

New book published: Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English as a Foreign Language, published by Carola Surkamp and Britta Viebrock


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New book series with first contributions from the Department of Teaching English

New book series: Teaching Literature, Culture and Language (German: LiKuS)


Hans-Eberhard-Piepho-Award for two projects from the Department of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

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Lotta König wins award for excellent thesis

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Dorothee Voigts wins thesis award!

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Jan-Marc Rohrbach wins "Lehrpreis 2016"!

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YLAB, School Laboratory for the Humanities Opened

On 24 October 2014, the Education Minister from Lower-Saxony, Frauke Heilgenstadt, and the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Beisiegel, opened the YLAB, the University's new school laboratory for the Humanities in Friedländer Weg. Henceforth, the laboratory makes it possible for pupils to actively and experimentally deal with topics of the Humanities in a stimulating learning environment (including a stage, colourful cushions and theatre props).

The YLAB is particularly interesting for student teachers, too: as a teaching-learning-laboratory, the YLAB offers students the opportunity to develop action-oriented lesson scenarios in the subjects English, French, Latin, German, History, and Religious Education, enabling them to put their ideas into practice with groups of pupils and thus to gain further practical teaching experience beyond the obligatory school internships.

  • Would you like to stage theatre plays in the English language with adolescents?

  • Do you find it thrilling to use production-oriented approaches to explore a literary text, e.g. by having pupils make their own films?

  • Would you be interested in extending your didactic knowledge hands on, e.g. by getting to know the approach of global simulation?

  • The Department of English Language Teaching, which was in control of the YLAB conceptualisation, offers several courses in cooperation with schools in Göttingen in the upcoming summer semester. Who knows, perhaps you will join one of them?

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