Performance Management (formerly Management Accounting)
- Course M.WIWI-BWL.0023 -

Course for Master's degree programs

Brief overview
What? How?
Offering frequency every winter semester
Type of event Lecture and exercise
Recommended prior knowledge Basic knowledge in Management and Control
Type of examination Written exam (90 min)
Credits 6
Teaching format Presence
Prerequisite for participation none
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Michael Wolff

Overview of the most important dates
What? When?
Lecture Tuesdays, 12:00 - 14:00 (24.10.23 bis 06.02.24)
Exercise Thursdays, 12:00 - 14:00
Exam Tuesday, the 27.02.24, 12:00 - 14:00


The lecture deals with essential aspects of performance measurement of entrepreneurial activities with a focus on a value-based perspective. The course is divided into four main chapters. First, the fundamentals of management accounting and value-based management are discussed. On this basis, approaches for capital market and balance sheet oriented performance measurement are presented and their limitations are pointed out. Subsequently, the conceptual foundations of holistic value-based management and the corresponding dimensions of consistent implementation are presented. This is followed by an embedding of these value-based approaches in the design of performance measurement systems.

The exercise serves to apply the concepts of value-based management to practical issues by solving exercises and discussing the contents using practical examples. Thematically, the methods of business valuation and their suitability for a value-based management system are discussed first. Thereupon, traditional key figure concepts are introduced and possible disadvantages are pointed out. On this basis, the methodological fundamentals of value-oriented key figures are discussed and their potential is demonstrated. Finally, the suitability of the holistic implementation of Value Based Management is discussed.

Further information

  • The registration for the exam until 7 days before the exam date on FlexNow
  • Further information and materials for the lecture and exercise can be found on Stud.IP

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the concepts, dimensions, and limitations of capital market and balance sheet performance measurement and value-based management by naming, explaining, and calculating in appropriate assignments.
  • In addition, the application of the acquired knowledge to practical tasks.