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How the country context shapes firms' competitive repertoire complexity (2022)

Recent research has shown that firms' ability to employ complex competitive repertoires can create long-term competitive advantages. Since research on its determinants has focused on the firm level, we lack an understanding of how country-level factors impact firms' implementation of complex competitive repertoires. Our cross-country study addresses this gap by integrating a model of country-level competitiveness factors with insights from the literature on competitive dynamics and portable governance.

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Employee stock ownership and firm exit decisions: A cross-country analysis of rank-and-file employees (2022)

While multinational firms invest large amounts of money in employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) to reduce turnover, there is little evidence regarding ESOPs' effectiveness in retaining rank-and-file employees and none on a global scale.Building on psychological ownership (PO) arguments, we predict that a rank-and-file employee's ESOP participation will be negatively associated with a firm exit decision and that this effect will be stronger in contextual settings that are more conducive to turnover

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Board experience and value creation in cross-border acquisitions: The role of acquirer and target country institutions, International Business Review (2022)

Our study investigates the effects of board acquisition experience on value creation in cross-border acquisitions and the dependence of this relationship on acquirer and target country institutions. We draw on cross-border acquisition research and institution-based corporate governance research to argue that the effect of board acquisition experience depends on the institutional characteristics of the acquirer and target countries and on cultural differences between these two countries

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