International Conference-cum-Workshop


The Euroculture Programmes of Pune and Göttingen, together with our colleagues from Göttingen University's India Office held the conference "Contemporary Populism in Germany and India: Issues and Perspectives" on November 15-16, 2021. It was hosted and supported by the DWIH in New Delhi. Following the conference was a workshop for Young Scholars.

Populism is not at all a new phenomenon, neither in politics nor for research. Still, when Jan-Werner Müller asked Was ist Populismus? in 2016, it was even before the AfD rose to become the second-biggest party in the Federal Parliament. In India, the term ‘populism’ has been used in discussions about democracy for the last five decades even. It has been stated that there were variants of populism-with a socialist leftist hue in the 1970s and 1980s and the one with a rightist hue in contemporary times, with a denial of climate change and attempts to collect religious devotees or protesters against restrictions due to Covid-19. Thus, populism seems to be constantly changing, adapting to the societal and political circumstances. We want to organize a workshop that discusses contemporary populism and tries to draw some broad lessons on populisms´ causes, forms, and consequences. We invite young scholars from India to share their perspectives and to discuss how populism has changed politics, media and society.

1st Day - 15th Nov, 2021- 14.00-18.00 hrs (IST)/ 9.30-13.30 hrs (CET)


2nd Day - 16th Nov, 2021- 14.00-18.40 hrs (IST)/ 9.30-14.10 hrs (CET)