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GRADE eLearning tool “Good Academic Practice during Doctoral Studies”

The program of the Graduate Academy (GRADE) of Goethe University Frankfurt is intended as a general introduction to the topic of "Good Research Practice" for doctoral students. With six modules, it constitutes a mixed form of illustratively prepared information, optional links to deepen the understanding of individual terms, and test questions. Depending on the context, the program can also be used to teach master's students. For interested users at the University of Göttingen, this tool is available in a version adapted to the environment of our university as best as possible in terms of content - in both German and English.

The eLearning tool (German version) can be accessed here. The English-language version can be found here. A license key is required to use the tool, which can be obtained free of charge from the Ombuds Office for Good Research Practice.