Forest management planning (B.Sc.) (700107)


The tasks of forest management include the inventory and description of the forest condition, the critical appraisal of the previous forest treatment (success control) as well as the medium-term planning of measures in the sense of sustainable forest development.                                                                                                                                                     Today's significantly expanded demands on the forest, however, require more than just the estimation of timber yields and silvicultural planning based primarily on this. This makes it more necessary to bundle the knowledge of the forestry disciplines and, on this basis, to steer forest development in such a way that the needs of forest owners as well as the demands of society are fulfilled in the best possible way in the sense of comprehensive sustainability. The objectives of the forest enterprises are already diverse and sometimes contradictory. In combination with current forest policy constraints, this results in a previously unknown complexity of forest decision-making situations. This makes forest planning a demanding task.

Learning objectives and competences

The sub-module forest management planning is carried out in combination with the sub-module Forest Growth.

The focus of the forest management planning module is on conveying basic knowledge and methods of forest planning. Forest condition assessment and description, growth forecasting with the help of growth models and the planning of sustainable forest development are the thematic focal points. Participants in this course learn to assess and plan alternative forest management and maintenance measures based on legal requirements, operational objectives, local conditions and forest growth laws. The course promotes independent thinking, an understanding of interrelationships and the ability to plan and evaluate sustainable forestry utilization concepts.



Person responsible for module: Prof. Dr. Carola Paul

Exam: written Exam (120min)

ECTS: 6C (Forest management planning 3C; Forest growth 3C)

Access requirement: none

Language: German

Recommended previous knowledge: Forest inventory, Silviculture, Silvics

Frequency of offer: every winter semester

Duration: 1 Semester

Recommended semester: 5.

Workload: Attendance time 56 hours; self-study 124 hours