Research and Publications

The department addresses the pressing question of how forest management should be designed to satisfy the needs of forest enterprises while contributing to multifunctional landscapes. Our research focus comprises the further development of modern approaches to forest management optimisation. These examine questions of yield and production planning while taking into account multifunctionality, as well as climate- and market-related risks. With regard to digitalization, such models require scientific-based methods in a utility-oriented implementation.

Other exciting research questions deal with the economic consequences of diversification of tree species and age classes but also with alternative sources of income. Especially the intersection between agriculture and forestry within an enterprise and in the landscape is of great importance for the development of sustainable land use concepts. This is particularly true in the tropics. Examples include the examination of agroforestry systems as part of sustainable managed landscapes. Bio-economic approaches combine innovative optimisation approaches with empirical and process-based models.

The research projects and a list of publications of our department can be found here: