In-depth study of forest growth and forest management planning (M.Sc.) (700357)


The sub-module "Decision Models and Optimization Methods in Forest Planning" is carried out in combination with the sub-module "Deepening Forest Growth and Forest Growth Modelling".

The overall module "In-depth study of forest growth and forest management planning" uses concrete examples to illustrate how current, scientific methods of forest growth science and forest planning can support sustainable production and use planning in forestry. The module provides insight into research-oriented methods and transfers them to application examples in forestry practice.


Learning objectives and competences

The following learning objectives are to be achieved within the framework of the two lectures:

1. understanding of forest growth relationships and classification of their importance for forest management; knowledge of different methods and model approaches for the simulation of forest development; ability to classify and apply current forest growth research results, especially in the field of productivity change and mixed stand research, in the context and as a prerequisite for silvicultural and forest planning utilization decisions (deepening of forest growth).

2. knowledge of linear and robust optimization methods for forest planning and their practical application in production and utilization planning. The focus here is on linear and robust solution algorithms. (Specialisation in forest planning)

3. ability to apply the acquired knowledge of research-oriented methods of forest growth science, optimization and forest planning in practical, overall production and utilization planning, considering operational framework conditions and challenges. (Specialisation in forestry management)



Person responsible for module: Prof. Dr. Carola Paul

Exam: 1. Part: In-depth forest growth – written exam (45min) (2C)

           2. Part: Decision models and optimization methods in forest planning - written exam (90min) (4C)


Access requirement: none

Language: German

Recommended previous knowledge: knowledge of forest growth science and forest management

Frequency of offer: every summer semester

Duration: 1 Semester

Recommended semester: /

Workload: Attendance time 56 hours; self-study 124 hours