International forest economics (M.Sc.) (700154)


The submodule "International forest economics" is carried out in combination with the submodule "Global environmental and forest policy" (seminar).                                                         The module "International forest economics" is divided into two main areas: "International timber markets" and "International environmental and forest protection".                                                        The first part of the module deals with the international trade of wood and wood products. Here, international markets and the consequences of protectionism (form of trade policy) are analysed. In addition, various aspects of international timber marketing are highlighted. In the second part, international environmental problems are described, and possibilities and limits of international cooperation are discussed. Finally, the relations between environmental protection and economic development are analysed and discussed.


Learning objectives and competences

In the course, indicators for measuring economic development are presented and the causes of developmental delays are analysed. Based on this, starting points for forestry development policy will be identified and the effects of foreign trade promotion will be examined. Furthermore, the promotion of sustainable forest use in the informal sector and forest development planning are discussed.                                                                                                                                                               Knowledge about international environmental problems and economic approaches to solving them, about the relationship between forest protection and economic development is imparted. Furthermore, knowledge of international timber markets, international trade in timber and timber products, as well as aspects of international timber marketing and the consequences of protectionism are explained and deepened.



Person responsible for module: Prof. Dr. Carola Paul

Exam:  1. Part: written exam (60min) 3C

             2. Part: written exam (60min) 3C


Access requirement: none

Language: English

Recommended previous knowledge: none

Frequency of offer: every winter semester

Duration: 1 Semester

Recommended semester: /

Workload: Attendance time 56 hours; self-study 124 hours