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Counselling for change of subject, reorientation and study doubts

There are many reasons for doubting your choice of studies, but fortunately there are also many solutions and support services at the university. You don't have to deal with it alone!

If doubts persist for a longer period of time or come up again and again, it is worth taking a closer look at the causes. They can be a valuable clue to make helpful changes.

Perhaps you were already uncertain at the beginning of your studies or the contents of the degree programme are not what you expected, perhaps your personal circumstances have changed or you don't know exactly where your journey will take you after graduation. Having doubts or difficulties in your studies are part of the process!

Use the opportunity to get individual counselling! We will support you in your reorientation. Whether it's a change of focus within your degree programme, a change of subject to a new degree programme, or dropping out of your studies at the university – together we will find the suitable direction for you

If you have specific questions about reorientation, we also recommend our Website on changing subjects (German only) .