Forest management M.Sc. (700261)

Forest management


The module "Forest Management" is divided into the two sub-modules "Economic Problems of Silviculture (700261)" and "Current Issues in Silviculture (700255)".

In seminars and by means of practical examples in forestry operations, selected silvicultural topics are dealt with from an ecological and economic point of view. Selected aspects such as tree species selection and mixing, regeneration methods as well as maintenance and thinning methods are presented in seminar form on the basis of scientific articles. Subsequently, different management concepts and derived important key figures will be practiced and discussed on day excursions. Finally, currently important topics such as the effects of climate change on forest management, the preservation of biodiversity in commercial forests or aspects of mixed stand research will be elaborated both in ecological and economic terms.

Learning objectives and competences

Knowledge of forest dynamics, structure as well as treatment should be imparted and related to methods of economic analysis and evaluation.

In the forest examination (formerly written examination), a short stand description is to be carried out in a first part and the measures taken so far are to be derived and suggestions for further stand treatment are to be made, taking into account ecological and economic aspects. In a second part, the students will also be asked about the topics covered in the course.



Person responsible for module: Prof. Dr. Christian Ammer

Exam: oral Exam (30min)  

ECTS: 6C (Economic problems of silviculture 3C; Current issues of silviculture 3C)

Access requirement: none

Language: German

Recommended previous knowledge: none

Frequency of offer: every summer semester

Duration: 1 Semester

Recommended semester: /

Workload: Attendance time 56 hours; self-study 124 hours