Forest research project (M.Sc.) (700573)


Approximately two weeks of field or laboratory work followed by approximately 4 weeks of data analysis and report writing. At the end of the project, the research is presented to the respective research group and the report is submitted.                                                                                               Students should be able to apply skills and concepts to a specific research project and critically evaluate the usefulness of methods and reliability of data collected and the significance of results obtained.


Learning objectives and competences

In this course, students will participate in one of the faculty research groups and conduct a forest research project applying the skills and concepts acquired in the theoretical lectures in Year 1.

The objectives are:

(i) become familiar with a specific research topic related to natural sciences or socioeconomic aspects of natural or managed forests.

(ii) to meet and exchange ideas with other researchers

(iii) participate in scientific discussions

(iv) develop a critical and analytical attitude toward research

(v) to develop skills in planning and carrying out a research project.



Person responsible for module: Prof. Dr. Carola Paul

Exam: 1. Part: term paper (max. 5.000 words) 60%

            2. Part: oral presentation (30min) 40%

ECTS: 7,5 (incl. key competencies 3C)

Access requirement: only for students of the Erasmus course SUFONAMA

Language: English

Recommended previous knowledge: none

Frequency of offer: every summer semester

Duration: 1 Semester

Recommended semester: /

Workload: Attendance time 84 hours; self-study 141 hours