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Schritt 3: Studienfinanzierung und Wohnungssuche

Starter-Paket Studienfinanzierung

How can I finance my studies?

How much does a course of studies actually cost?
In addition to food and drink, clothing and housing, students also need to include the costs of learning materials, semester fees, trips to their home town, etc. in the calculation of their budget.

If your parents are not at all or only partly able to finance your studies, it is advisable to look for alternatives well ahead of time.
There are many options available. Every student should lodge an application for BAföG first, since some support may still be possible even if assistance is not granted at the maximum rate. The application should be lodged as early as possible so that the assistance can start with the beginning of studies.

Starter-Paket Wohnungssuche

How can I find accomodation?

Once you are enrolled the search for accommodation begins. A difficult task in a new city which is still strange to you. Therefore it is normally advisable to start the search as early as possible and plan for ein paar Tage a few days in Göttingen to look at available options.

Whether you prefer your own apartment, a room in a hall of residence or in a shared flat („WG“) – there are many options for finding accommodation in Göttingen, and various institutions and programmes to facilitate your search for suitable housing: