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Energy saving tips

Heating and ventilation

  • Intermittent ventilation instead of continuous ventilation
    Open windows completely for 5-10 minutes to ventilate. During the heating season, do not ventilate continuously with the windows tilted. Close the heating thermostats before airing!
  • Use heating thermostats correctly
    The correctly set thermostat regulates the room temperature. If the temperature is lowered by only one degree, about 6% of heating energy can be saved. Use level 3 at maximum to heat up the rooms. However, it will not warm up faster if you use level 5.
  • Doors and windows
    Keep your office closed to prevent the hallway and atmosphere from heating up.
  • Keep radiators free
    Radiators covered with furniture or curtains lead to poor circulation.
  • Lower the temperature
    Lower the temperature at the end of the working day or if the office is not used for a longer period of time by turning the thermostat to position 2.


  • Do not use artificial light if there is enough daylight
  • Even with energy-saving lamps, switch off the light when you leave the room
  • Illuminate passageways wisely
  • Turn off the light in corridors, toilets and storerooms after use
  • Use sun protection correctly. Adjust shutters and blinds so that glare is avoided but daylight is used
  • The last one turns off the light. At the end of the working day, check whether the lights are switched off everywhere

IT Equipment

  • Switch off devices
    Even in stand-by mode, office equipment needs energy, so switch off devices such as PCs and monitors that are not constantly needed.
  • Printer
    Avoid using single work station printers where possible. With multifunction printers, the automatic color selection setting should be used with caution. Colored prints cost at least five times more than a black and white print on rental equipment
  • Procurement
    Please procure and operate only those devices that are really needed. Wireless keyboards, mouse and headsets should only be procured in exceptional cases. Reference devices are procured from the Dell framework contract, as these meet the requirements of the tender. For instance, PCs have power supply units with a high degree of efficiency.

Cooling devices

  • Ideally place in cool rooms, do not expose to direct sunlight
  • The best place is an unheated, well-ventilated room
  • Do not place next to radiators, ovens, heating cabinets or dishwashers. In the case of built-in refrigerators, ensure unhindered air circulation for heat dissipation.
  • If possible, place only one or max. two cooling devices in a room
  • Clean the back of the refrigerators regularly or have them cleaned
  • Procure energy-saving appliances. Pay attention to energy consumption when purchasing
  • More Information about cooling devices