Introduction to Business Economics and Entrepreneurship
Modul: B.WIWI-EXP.0001

Learning outcomes

After successfully completing this course, the students have a basic knowledge about fundamental topics of Business Economics as a science (e.g. Management, Organization, Human Resources, Legal, Business Combinations, Procurement, Production, Distribution, and Finance). Furthermore, the students have knowledge about the process of business creation and assess the importance of economic principles.

Brief overview

What? How?
Offering frequency every summer semester
Type of event Lecture and exercise
Teaching format in class
Recommended prior knowledge none
Type of examination Written Exam (90 min)
Credits 6
Language German
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Stefan Dierkes

Overview of the most important dates

What? When?
Time period 13.04.2023 - 13.07.2023
Lecture thursdays, 02.00 - 04.00 p.m.
Exercise tuesdays, 10.00 - 12.00 a.m.
Exam Thursday, 02.11.2023

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