UNgelöst - Begleitforschung zu digitaler Rätselstation & Escape Room

Accompanying Research to the Riddle-Station & Escape Room "UNgelöst"

Project Information:

In the project "UNgelöst", which was carried out in cooperation with the United Nations Association of Germany (DGVN) and the provider Think², accompanying research was conducted on the use in the classroom of digital puzzle modules and Escape Rooms for political education on the United Nations. Using partially standardized questionnaires at two to three measurement points as well as guideline-based interviews with participants, objective and subjective effects were investigated in order to further develop the educational offers according to the needs of the learners.

Project Duration: 07/2021-07/2022; Sponsored by Mercator Foundation

Project Team:


Monika Oberle (alt.)

Prof. Monika Oberle

Phone: +49 (0) 551-39-27218

Kerstin Gebhardt

Kerstin Gebhardt

Phone: +49 (0) 551-39-24214