GreenGrass, since 2022

The IfLR is participating in the joint project "GreenGrass" funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BmBF), which is headed by Professor Isselstein from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the Georg-August University. The funding application was approved in full on 8 December 2022. Within the framework of this project, innovative grazing systems for farm animals will be designed, developed and tested using new animal control technologies. With the help of digital, smart farming technologies, pasture management with farm animals is to be systematically changed; pasture use is to be made more attractive, more efficient, more productive and more targeted.
The focus is on so-called virtual fencing. This technology will enable pasture management without physical fences. Virtual fences are drawn at any size and at any time intervals, without physical effort, on the mobile phone terminal. This allows the space-time behaviour of grazing animals to be precisely controlled and very precisely adapted to the needs of producing multiple ecosystem services of grassland (grass growth, forage quality, protection and promotion of biodiversity, etc.).