Dr. Julia Gruhlich

Julia Gruhlich is a research associate at the Göttingen Diversity Research Institute. She has previously studied, researched and worked at various universities in Germany and abroad. Most recently, she held the professorship for Work, Economy and Ecology at the Philipps-Universität Marburg and the professorship for General Sociology at the University of Paderborn.

In her dissertation, she studied the transnationalisation of organisations and asked how this affects company career paths and work requirements, creating new, intersectional conditions of integration and exclusion for employees. As a postdoc, she conducted research on downshifting and analysed this phenomenon of voluntarily relinquishing status in the context of increasingly tense labour and gender relations.

She is currently part of a European collaborative project with partners from the Czech Republic, Finland, Poland and Great Britain, in which she analyses smart homes from an intersectional perspective and uses an ethnographic research design to explore how couples use digitalisation to manage care and housework, thereby transforming the gendering of (domestic) work and technology.

She is also currently accompanying a research project in the field of applied computer science on the topic of the digitalisation of agriculture. She analyses how the work of farmers has changed through digitalisation and which subjective views farmers develop with this change depending on their social and operational position.

Main research areas:

  • General sociology
  • Sociology of work and organisation
  • Gender and diversity research
  • Qualitative methods

Further information: