Compulsory counseling

Required if you fail an exam in an orientation module twice

General information on mandatory advice:

Mandatory advice according to § 7 paragraph 4 APO

The section 7(4) of the University's General Examination Regulations stipulates that admission to the second examination in orientation modules can only take place after the participation in a mandatory study consultation. This means that after failing an orientation module twice, a compulsory study consultation must be carried out before re-register for this module.

Who is affected?

It applies to all students of all bachelor’s degree programs who have already failed an orientation module twice.

Who conducts the consultation?

The required consultation is carried out by the chairs where the last (i.e. the second attempt) of the orientation module was not passed. It may therefore be necessary to carry out several consultations for several modules!

What is being discussed?

There is advice on the last exam (e.g. content-related errors, tactics when solving the exam). We recommend making an appointment for a consultation as early as possible so that you can benefit from the consultation throughout the preparation for the exam.

What do students have to do?

  • Print and fill out the mandatory consultation form
  • Make an appointment for consultation with the chair in which the last (i.e. the second attempt) of the orientation module was not passed
  • Make good use of the appointment and consultation
  • Submit the form you have filled out and signed by the chair to the examination office
  • Then you will register for the third and final attempt at the orientation module after activation by the examination office

Make an appointment

In order to receive mandatory advice, a prior appointment is required! To do this, send an e-mail to the respective trainer of the course, stating:

  • First name, last name
  • Matriculation number
  • Semester and date (first or second date) of the last (i.e. second) attempt

In order to ensure that you can attend the next exam date, you must make an appointment for mandatory counseling at least three weeks before the exam date!
You can obtain all further information on the mandatory consultation from the Examination Office