Objective (Subject)Rooting patterns, water acquisition strategy, and growth response of European beech, Douglas fir and Norway spruce under intra- and interspecific competition
ContentRoot systems play a crucial role in absorbing and transporting air, water, and nutrients to maintain plant life. Roots can perceive physical signals of the environment and convert them into physiological signals to regulate architecture and growth orientation. Previous studies have observed that plant roots bending elongate toward the water source, which is hydrotropism. This study aims to understand the hydrotropic growth mechanism and strategies of roots under inter- and intra-specific competition of European beech, Douglas fir and Norway spruce. Besides, the study also evaluates the role of mycorrhizal fungi in root hydro-sensing growth.
Appropriation period01.10.2023 – 30.09.2026
Funded byDFG Research Training Group
Person(s) in chargeThuy Quynh Kieu
KoordinationDr. Serena Müller
PublicationsNot available so far