RTG2491 Autumn School
"From T-duality via K-theory to representation theory"

September 30 to October 4, 2024

Registration is open!

The aim of the Autumn School is to bring together young researchers with experts in the research areas of T-duality, K-theory, representation theory and their interplay. The school consists of four mini-courses leading towards a broad understanding of the topic from different perspectives.


Francesca Arici (Leiden)

Marco Gualtieri (Toronto)

Nigel Higson (Penn State)

Konrad Waldorf (Greifswald)

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You can register to your School following this link.

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T-duality Poster

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The titles of the mini-courses for the upcoming Autumn School are:

• Francesca Arici: C*-algerbas and (K)K-theory in solid-state physics
• Marco Gualtieri: Groupoids, Gerbes and Generalized Kähler geometry
• Nigel Higson: C*-algebra K-theory and Tempered Representation Theory
• Konrad Waldorf: The higher geometry of T-duality

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Poster Session

Coming soon...

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Here you will find information on how to get to and your stay in Göttingen.

Closest airports: Frankfurt Main International, Hannover

Göttingen is well connected via fast trains to most major cities in Germany. The travel time from Frankfurt is about 2h and from Hannover less than 1h.

Walking from the train station to the Mathematical Institut takes no more than 20 minutes passing through the town centre. Most hotels are in walking distance from the main building, however there is also a chance of using the buses.

Here is a list of recommended Hotels in Göttingen:

Leine Hotel
Eden Hotel
Hotel Central
G Hotel
Hotel Stadt Hannover

Here is a map where you can find bus stops, sightseeing points and other information about Göttingen. The link is set to the Autumn School room, you can move freely within the map.

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