UNDROP-Conference on the subject "Peace and conflict resolution in rural areas: Challenges for the implementation of UNDROP"

The conference took place on 17 and 18 November 2022 as a hybrid event at the Historische Sternwarte Göttingen. The event dealt with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas (UNDROP for short) and examined the connections to conflict resolution in rural areas. Both theoretical and practical approaches to overcoming current rural conflicts in the Global North and South were discussed. The conference aimed to deepen legal knowledge and advocacy for the human rights of rural people in the light of sustainable development and lasting peace.
It included presentations on the social, economic and political rights of rural people, the security of rural movement leaders, gender justice, land rights, biodiversity and a healthy environment, food security, and the role of the state, UN agencies and rural movements.
As this was the first conference in Germany on this topic, a broad field of internationally recognised scientists, practitioners, judges and representatives of the FAO, FIAN International and the International Farmer's Movement La Via Campensina gave presentations.
The conference was supported by the German Foundation for Peace Research, the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.