Students of all programmes in Economics are advised to sign up for news alerts issued by chairs and institutes.

These alerts help to keep you up-to-date about important dates, job vacancies and changes in daily schedules.

  • How can I sign up?
    Simply send a blank email to with subscribe as subject. The system will reply with a mail in which you have to confirm your subscription by clicking on an embedded link. You will receive a confirmation upon successful registration.

  • How can I end my subscription?
    The routine is similar to the sign-up process: just send a blank email to with unsubscribe as subject. You will also receive a message asking you to confirm cancellation of your subscription by clicking the link embedded in the message. The process is completed with a message confirming the removal of your address from the list of recipients.

  • Can I send messages via [Infosystem]?
    Only staff members are allowed to send messages through [infosystem]. Spam or private messages are automatically deleted.