A core area of economic research in Göttingen is the area of International Integration and Development Economics. Further emphasize is put on the analysis of decision-making processes and Incentives.

Research is made available through four Discussion Paper Series.

The research area of International Integration and Development Economics maintains a special focus on topics as

  • Analysis of the European Integration Process
  • Poverty research in developing countries
  • Issues of International Trade
  • The effects of globalization on political decision making processes at national level.
  • Global aspects of taxation
  • Monetary integration in Europe
  • Tax-based competition among EU and non-EU countries
  • Questions of division of labour between developing countries -especially in Latin America

The most important fields of research in the area of Governance include

  • Economics of Institutions
  • Economic Analysis of small and medium-sized enterprises ("Mittelstand")
  • Environmental Economics
  • European Governance
  • Financial implications of the German federal system